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Meet Alayna, the inspiration behind Melondipity. (If you look closely, you can find Alayna modeling some of her favorite hats throughout the site!) Melondipity began when Alayna's mother, Tracy, was searching for an adorable and unique hat for her daughter to wear in her 6 month photoshoot. After a (somewhat frantic) search for the perfect hat, the idea for Melondipity was born.

Originally titled BabyMelons, the small company quickly grew into a nationally recognized name with loyal customers in all 50 states and several countries throughout the world. In April of 2010, BabyMelons officially rebranded as Melondipity, and continues to grow. We still pride ourselves, however, on operating on a personal level with all of our customers and on making each customer feel as special as the unique headwear they purchase.

At Melondipity, our number one goal has always been to provide a unique experience for our customers through the products we offer, our user-friendly website design and our superior service, support and overall customer care. The one of a kind products we offer are hand selected to be not only adorable and unique, but also the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our great selection, and we appreciate and encourage your feedback on any of our products. Our hope is that the ability to easily interact with us about our products, our site, our service, or whatever else is on your mind, through this website as well as online networks that our customers use on a daily basis will help to keep our products and services relevant and our customers happy.

We hope you enjoy Melondipity as much as we do!

Happy Shopping!

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