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An Array of Delightful Sun Hats for Girls

As your little girl soaks up the sun during the spring, make her look as radiant as the sunshine with the sun hats for girls available at our online store. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that each of our baby headwear has a unique appeal. Superfine material for giving the ultimate in comfort to the tender skin of your baby is a hallmark of all of our products. At our online store, you can select from a wide range of elegant baby sun hats for your girl. However, be prepared to be spoilt for choices!

Have a look at some of our exquisite sun hats for girls:

Grape Sorbet Baby Sun Hat Grape Sorbet Baby Sun Hat The glossy light purple with thick pink ribbon of this hat offers an ideal setting for the oversized pink and peach rose that sits pretty on it. The dazzling array of bright colors on the flower offers the perfect feel matching the brightness of the sun during the spring and summer. As the hat is made from lightweight pure cotton, it allows for passage of air, and therefore, your girl would never feel the heat. This is an ideal hat for protecting your little one from sun’s harmful rays when you take her for an outing.

Strawberry Sun Hat for Toddler Girls Strawberry Sun Hat for Toddler Girls This one is for those who love strawberries, or those who think their toddler girl looks as gorgeous as the fruit itself. Made from superfine comfy cotton, this crochet hat has superb combination of red, black and bright green hues to bring about the strawberry simulation. The brim of the hat has a soft wire inside that retains its shape for years. Order it now for your toddler or big girl.

Fancy Easter Baby Sun Hat for Baby Girls Fancy Easter Baby Sun Hat for Baby Girls This wide brim hat with two delightful rosettes would be a great one for the coming Easter holidays. If you are planning on a pink or white dress for your little lady this Easter, there can’t be a better complement to it than the soothing elegance of this white hat with a soft pink flower. Moreover, this hat is conveniently lightweight for your tender baby girl and features a soft mesh at the front. Order this hat now if your toddler girl is a year old or less.

Browse through an exquisite collection of sun hats for girls and other headwear by visiting Melondipity.com.
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