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Baby Crochet Hats

Protect your baby’s fragile soft head with baby crochet hats from Melondipity

Hats are one of the best ways of protecting your child from both the chilling winter cold and sizzling summer heat. You can now protect your little one’s soft head with baby crochet hats from Melondipity. These hats are very soothing and comfortable for your child. We offer you a wide range of crochet hats of various designs, colors and patterns. Available for both girls and boys, these hats are soft and ideal for both fall and winters.

Made with 100% soft cotton yarn, these head wears are great for playing outdoors, attending any event or just a casual outing. To make these hats look interesting and appealing, they are featured with baseball, aviator, skull and crossbones etc. designs and beautiful oversized flowers. These hats are available for babies of different age groups: infants (0-6 months), toddler (6-24 months) and grown up kids (2-6 years).

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