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Newborn Sun Hats

Protect your newborn from scorching sun this summer with Newborn Sun Hats from Melondipity

Keeping in view the delicate and sensitive skin of a new born, it is essential for parents to provide them appropriate sun protection on their day out. You can now protect your baby from the scorching and harmful UV sun rays with new-born sun hats from Melondipity. Crafted fashionably, these hats are really soft and comfortable. To prevent  skin issues such as rashes or allergies, 100% pure cotton has been used in the making of these hats.

As it takes time for new-borns to adjust within a new environment and it’s accompanying climatic changes, choosing the best quality products is a priority for all parents. Melondipity stocks head wears that are suitable for boys and girls alike. These hats are fitted with a Velcro chin strap that keeps it in place during windy days.

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