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Bold And Bright: Gender Neutral Baby Style Doesn’t Mean Gray Or Yellow Anymore

Gender neutral clothing is a hot topic among new parents. While the idea of ‘assigning’ a color palette to a baby based on gender might be something some parents eschew, there are also many other reasons someone may wish to shop for clothing that isn’t gender typical.  

There are still parents who wish to be ‘surprised’ by what the stork brings, so, choosing a gender-neutral color scheme for clothing and nursery accessories is a simple way to ensure they’re all ready for their little arrival.

And, if family and friends are shopping, being able to choose from a cute, comfortable, yet all-encompassing style and palette makes choosing that perfect gift a breeze!

Retailers, it seems, are starting to catch on. Many stores are specifically starting gender neutral lines of colorful, printed clothing to choose from. In the past, ‘gender neutral’ seemed to conjure images of gray and yellow – not the case anymore. Shoppers want vibrant colors — yellows, greens, reds, patterns, drawings — just not things that are restrictively gendered.

Instead of worrying about the color, think about how the outfit makes the baby feel. Focus on ensuring they’re not too hot, not too cold and the fabric isn’t overwhelming their senses, and any shade at all will make the perfect backdrop for their bright smile.

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