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Half of expecting parents want to be surprised.

When my husband, Brett, and I found out that we were expecting our first child, there wasn't even a moment when we considered not finding out the gender of our little one as soon as possible (we're all set to welcome our little girl March 1st!). Ultrasound We must be the impatient type though. Despite the relative ease of determining the sex of a baby through ultrasound technology, not to mention the dozens of fun old-wives-tale-style ways to predict the sex of a baby, like this fun Chineese Gender Chart, many parents still chose to wait and be surprised. The numbers vary, but most statistics show that its close to 50%. So what influences the decision of whether or not to find out? For me, it was the joy of being able to decorate the nursery (Photos coming soon!!) and to start calling the baby by name (our secret for now, despite my mother's campaign to the contrary). For Brett, I think finding out was when it became real for him- a little person, our daughter, and not just "the baby". But there are many reasons people find out and just as many reasons to wait. (Incidentally, one of my favorite reasons comes courtesy of my sister, who's philosophy is "You'll be just as surprised on the day you find out, and more prepared on the day she gets here." Thanks, sis.) Some Advantages to Finding out: Some parents, like my husband, feel a stronger bond with the baby once they can start envisioning a little boy or girl. It can also be easier to narrow down your choices for baby names, and even select one to start calling the baby before birth. And if you're like me, decorating a nursery and picking out baby clothes makes pregnancy a little more fun and can be a lot easier when you have a specific gender in mind, as there are usually more options available. Some Advantages of Waiting: You'll have a great surprise on the day your baby is born, which can also motivate mom through labor. Some parents also really like the idea of following in the tradition that has been part of history for centuries. And as far as decorating, there's no chance you'll end up with a pink nursery for your little boy on the off chance that your ultrasound prediction isn't accurate. (Although I've been told that that happens in a very small percentage of cases and usually only when there isn't a clear view.) So what do you think? Did you (or will you) find out the gender of your baby before birth? Why or why not?


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