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Keeping A Hat On Your Little One: Tips and Tricks

Baby hats are not only cute, but they also serve some very useful functions. They keep your baby warm when it’s cold (particularly important for newborns!), and they protect delicate skin from the sun and elements.But, if your little one is a wiggle worm, it can be a daunting task trying to get them to keep their lid on!

With these few quick tips, you can encourage babies and toddlers to keep their hat on, and maybe even go looking for it!

COMFORT: It’s important that you choose a hat that is comfortable and fits properly. Choose one that’s nice and soft, with an adjustable chin strap and the brim doesn’t flop and cover their eyes. Velcro straps work well, too!

PERSIST: Keep putting the hat back on. You can try alternating – thirty minutes on, thirty minutes off. Eventually, they’ll get the point, even infants.

NO HAT, NO PLAY: With older children, this works perhaps the best of anything. Often times, the hat will come to be associated with going outside and having fun.

EMMULATE AND IMITATE: Show your tike pictures of loved ones with hats on, or wear one yourself and talk about how it makes you ‘big’. You can also entice them with their favorite TV or storybook characters who wear hats.

KEEP HATS AND SHOES TOGETHER: Play the association game. Each time they leave the house, the hat and shoes go together. It will become a natural habit.

We don’t think it will take much enticing to get your little one into their favorite topper from Melondipity.com! 

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