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Kids Hats from Melondipity: When style and comfort go hand in hand

Melondipity has the largest assortment of stylish kid hats made from pure and organic fabric that is both gentle and safe on the skin. The trendy design choices will make your kid a popular one in school, and at family get-togethers and birthday parties. These hats will also put an end to the complaints about how your little man’s head gear is not nearly as cute his baby sister’s hats. The store has options for both boys and girls with different color choices and designs as well as some very interesting unisex choices, too.Tanner_Bear_Hat_resized_large Take a look at Melondipity’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Toddler Hat for Toddler Boys, besides being absolutely adorable, this hat is perfect for chilly weather, too. Its one-of-a -kind and super fun bear design, along with fuzzy and shaggy faux fur will immediately make it a favorite. The inside of the hat is lined with dark grey woven fabric and the ear flaps provide an ample amount of warmth for both head and ears. The broad shape of this Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Toddler Hat has ample room to grow and nicely fits boys in the 1-4 year age group. The buttery soft touch of this hat, together with the soothing off white color makes it one of the top-selling products at Melondipity, just take a look: http://www.melondipity.com/collections/kids-hats/products/fuzzy-wuzzy-bear-toddler-hat-baby-boys Like all its popular sun hats for babies, the Kids hat collection at Melondipity is reasonably priced with options for every budget.
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