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Meet the Melondipity Moms!

You might already know that Melondipity is the place for parents to find cute, fashionable and unique headwear for babies and children, but did you know that it's also a family-owned business that is run by parents? The Melondipity blog is happy to introduce the Moms of Melondipity: three Moms who work together, hand-picking each product and raising their own little ones along the way. They all have different stories, perspectives and styles, and that's what makes Melondipity's business and products so unique! Get acquainted with each of the Moms below, keep up with their blog posts to get to know them better, and look for their favorite product picks coming soon on Melondipity.com!

Tracy Sailors:

Tracy is an entrepreneur and mother of a 2-year old baby girl, Alayna. Learning the ropes as a first-time mom, she is cherishing every moment and enjoying the laughter that raising a toddler brings to every day. Tracy and her husband, Tom, are now preparing for a second baby girl - due to join the family in May. Starting Melondipity in 2009 after searching for a unique hat for Alayna's baby photos, Tracy is also a former owner of an interactive design agency and continues her passion for design and style. She is fascinated by social cultures and loves to travel. Topping the list of Tracy's favorite things are strong coffee, reading up on technology, anything Mac-related and shopping for a great bargain.

Dawn Sailors:

Dawn is enjoying her mid-twenties as a newlywed with a background in art and graphic design. She has an eye for unique and sometimes off-beat items and loves learning as much as possible about as many subjects as she can- especially anything that involves art and design, history or human psychology. She and her husband, Brett, will be welcoming their first baby, a little girl, in March of 2011 and can't wait to be new parents. In her spare time, Dawn can probably be found browsing for thrift store treasures, reading, working out or working on renovating and decorating each room in her home a little at a time.

Josie Crecco:

Josie is a 42-year-old stay-at-home mom who lives in rural northeastern Nebraska with her husband, 8-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son and several pets. Despite its challenges, Josie feels very fortunate to be able to be a work-from-home mom, but knows that there are just as many challenges for moms who work outside the home. She is always interested in hearing different points of view and fascinated by the difference in philosophies when it comes to being a mom. She believes there are many paths to success and hopes that her interactions through blogging will help her to grow as a person and a mom. In her spare time (HA!) she likes to read, work out and watch a little 'guilty pleasure' TV.
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