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PUT A LID ON IT! Why Hats Are Necessary For Your Baby

We all know your baby couldn’t be cuter. Dressing them up in little outfits with their tiny shoes and accessories is one of the fun parts of being a parent!

And, the icing on top, of course, is that perfect little hat – for as long as you can get them to wear it! But, there IS a practical reason for those darling caps that make them look so adorable. Hats are actually a very necessary adornment for your little one.

"Babies need hats more than we do because their heads are proportionately bigger compared to their bodies than ours, resulting in more heat transfer, so a hat prevents too much heating or cooling of the baby," says Dr. Charles Shubin, director of pediatrics at Mercy FamilyCare, a division of Family Health Centers of Baltimore.

Babies can get cold more quickly than an adult, and it’s important to monitor them for comfort. A good rule of thumb for judging whether or not your baby needs a hat is to check the weather ahead of time and notice whether or not you feel chilled when you step outside. If you feel cold, it is likely that your baby is cold too.

Baby Center points out that, "as a rule of thumb, an infant needs one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear at the same temperature."

So, keep your cutie snug and warm, and make sure you have a nice selection of hats from Melondiptiy.com!

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