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Shop our Baby Hats for Baby Gifts

Baby gifts are fun and exciting to shop around for. When purchasing a baby gift, why not make it fun and unique? Melondipity offers a lot of fun and functional baby hats that you can choose from, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great time choosing from our selections. Our online store is a great place to shop for baby gifts – whether you’re looking for something to give to an infant, baby, or toddler, Melondipity has something in store for you. There are different kinds of styles that will suit a baby’s needs – that’s why no matter what the weather is or what the celebration is for gift-giving, there will always be a perfect choice for your baby. Here are some of our style categories to choose from: Sun Hats – Sun hats are the perfect baby gifts for summer because this type of hat serves as a first line of defense for babies against the harsh sunlight. Sun hats protect the baby’s eyes, face, ears, and neck, while the rest of the baby’s body can be protected by clothing. The sun is too strong for a baby’s delicate skin and eyes that’s why choosing sun hats as baby gifts will be very useful and helpful. Select among our lovely sun hat designs for boys and girls. Flower Hats – You probably know by now that Melondipity is popular for its lovely flower hats that all girls adore. No fashionable baby can go out without a lovely flower hat. Our line of flower hats is designed to enhance the cute features of a baby girl, and we made it a point to create a wide variety of styles that moms can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a hat with oversized flowers or a hat with a tiny little flower – we’re sure to have one for you. We also have hats with flowers that are just right in size: not too big or too small. What type of flower would you like? Rose? Peony? Geranium? Daisy? How about flowers with gems at the center? We have them all! Animal Hats – Who doesn’t think that animal hats are adorable? These animal hats make amazing baby gifts because they’re such cute statement pieces that look even cuter when worn by babies. Another thing that’s cool about animal hats is that there are no stereotypes. Boys or girls can pull off wearing their favorite type of animal, whether it’s monkey, lamb, bear, owl, puppy, bird, frog, chick, rabbit, mouse, elephant, or giraffe! Beanie Hats – Beanie hats make amazing baby gifts especially if you’re giving it to new-born babies because they really need a comfortable tuque that will keep them warm and comfortable all day long. Babies love beanie hats especially when it’s cold. Our beanie hats come in different materials – knit, crocheted, cotton, organic… and all of them are very soft, and fits terrific because they come in different sizes that fit your baby. Check out our online store Melondipity.com for more designs and styles when choosing your next baby gift!
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