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Spring Styles & Winter Sales

New Spring Sunhats for Babies and Kids If you haven't checked out our New Arrivals section recently, you're missing out on some great new styles for spring! Sun hats aren't just cute and colorful, they're also practical. Did you know that babies skin is thinner and more sensitive to sunlight than adults? That means that they can sunburn quite quickly and easily if you aren't careful about their sun exposure. Some ways to keep your baby safe in the sun include limiting time spent outdoors during the hours between 10:00AM and 2:00PM, when the sun is at its brightest, applying sunscreen regularly, and making sure to cover up your little one sun-protective clothing, like a cool, wide-brim baby hat. (We recommend the styles with chin straps to help keep your little one sun-safe, even if they have other ideas.) Also… since spring is just around the corner (or at least we're hoping it is, because all this snow is getting old!) we've recently discounted some of our most popular winter styles. Check out the Last Chance collection to get in on these deals before they're gone!
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