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Summer Babies: Does My July Baby Need A Hat?

All you July mommies-to-be are probably already picking out the clothes and accessories for when your new arrival makes their big debut! Shopping for a summer baby can be tricky, because newborns need to be protected and swaddled, but you also want to make sure they stay cool and comfortable. Add to that that you will likely be taking them from extreme outdoor heat to blasting a/c inside, and you are going to have to be vigilant that they’re dressed properly.

Newborns need a hat, but after a few days, it isn’t as necessary in the summer months as it would be in the winter. Hats (and blankies) DO provide a swaddling effect, calming them and making them feel secure, however, be advised not to let your baby sleep in the hat, as it’s a possible choking hazard.

As they grow, hats should always be worn when venturing out in those summer months. Newborns can't use sunscreen for the first 6 months, and their sensitive skin is ultra-vulnerable to burning. A wide-brimmed sun hat adds extra protection for the newborn’s face, ears and neck. Choose a lightweight hat with a wider brim made with natural fabrics and materials.

Do keep an eye out for overheating when your baby is outside. The best way to tell if your child needs a hat is to do a neck check.  The easiest way to tell whether your baby is too warm or too chilly is to reach under his clothes to check his arms, eyes, or the nape of his neck. It’s also important to note that, while those chubby little hands are super squeezable, infant hands are always cold – and aren’t a reliable way to test body temperature.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, choose the perfect Melondipity hat for your little Fourth of July firecracker!


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