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  • Help Your Kids Create Their Personal Style with Kids Hats

    Nowadays, kids make their own style statement with the hottest fashion accessories. Market is flooded with a number of fashion accessories for kids of all ages. It is up to parents how they want to dress their kids. Since kids have delicate skin, it becomes essential for parents to choose clothes and accessories that don’t harm them anyway. But there is nothing cuter for...
  • Cherish Your Baby’s First Christmas with Christmas Baby Hats from Melondipity

    The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas, will be soon here, conjuring up the images of red Santa suits, sprawling long white beards, and sleighs. On the eve of Christmas, every parent wishes their little bundle of joy to stand out in the crowd. When we talk about Christmas clothing for kids, there are so many things ranging from frocks, tees, suits, dresses,...
  • My Baby on Spearmint Baby

    One of my favorite baby blogs, Spearmint Baby, has a regular 'photo of the day' feature and this week my baby girl, Vera, made an appearance! Check her out on Spearmint Baby. I'm such a proud mama! Thanks Sheri! -Dawn Find the perfect hats and shoes for you little ones at Melondipity.com!
  • Joy of Boy

    Boy and Dog None of us get everything we wish for in life, but one thing I hit the jackpot on was getting a girl and a boy in only two tries. I never thought I wanted children until I reached my late 20's and around that time I realized that being a mom would be an experience I'd like to have. I didn't...
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