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Top 4 Tips for a Great Newborn Photoshoot

Every seasoned parent will tell you that time flies, the years pass by and before you know it, your sweet little baby is graduating college. With that in mind, it’s important to savor as many moments as possible and one increasingly popular way to do that is with a photoshoot for your newborn. Capturing the perfect picture of a newborn baby can be challenging but we’ve got some helpful suggestions to snag the best photos while keeping things stress free and fun.


  1. Keep It Simple: Your newborn’s photoshoot doesn’t need to be an elaborate production requiring extensive planning. Babies are adorable enough on their own, minimal assistance required! Keep in mind that the focus of the photo will be their tiny nose or their little toes; the babies are the art that makes the photos, not the props!


  1. Keep It Cute: We’re constantly seeing precious pictures of newborns all over our social media feeds, but your baby was born to stand out! Luckily, Melondipity has the best selection of photo-ready newborn sets. For some one-of-a-kind photos, try out this handmade baby elephant set, this classic cowboy look, or this baby cow cap.

Baby Cow Knit Hat

  1. Keep Them Comfy: A fully belly usually equals a sleepy baby. If possible, feed your baby right before the photoshoot. Keep them in a diaper and swaddle blanket while feeding to avoid making any messes on their outfit. Photographers also recommend keeping the house warm to encourage a sound sleep during the shoot. As soon as they drift into a deep and blissful dreamland, slip them into their outfit and let the photographer get to work!


  1. Keep Them Close: After getting their individual photos captured, make sure to get into a photo or two with them. Moms are most often found behind the camera, grabbing all the pictures they can but it’s important to remember that when your little one is grown, they’ll enjoy looking back at photos of them with you too. Having a photographer hired gives new mothers a great opportunity to get beautiful photos with their brand-new blessing. Take advantage and make the memories! Moments matter!

Elephant Beanie

Newborn photoshoots are meant to capture the most precious part of your growing family’s story. Check out Melondipity’s full selection of newborn clothing for pieces that are unique and cozy – the perfect combination for a successful photoshoot.

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