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Top Baby Names in 2010

Now that 2011 is officially here, the top baby name's for 2010 have been announced. It looks like some old favorites from 2009 are still holding on, and there are a few new ones moving up the list as well. Aiden tops the boys name list once again (that makes 6 years in a row!) While Sophia moved to the number one spot for baby girls. You can view Baby Center's complete list of the top 100 names for both boys and girls here, but we've got the highlights for you below. So without further ado: We're noticing a trend toward older, more traditional names in the past few years, especially on the girls list. Names like Stella and Lucy are climbing steadily with their male counterparts such as Henry or Jeremiah also making appearances. This may be attributed to what some would call the 100 year cycle: parents naming their children after beloved grandparents or great-grandparents, ensuring that classic names circle back around every 100 years or so. This year is also no exception to the trend of celebrities, athletes and popular movie or television characters influence the list. So what do you think? Did your favorite name make the top ten? Or the top 100? Are there any that you think were left out or should have been rated higher?
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