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Why Sun Hats Are Importance for Your Children?

Fashion HatFor every parent, watching their child play under the sun is a great pleasure. However, the direct sunlight may harm their children, causing skin damage and dehydration. Since sunlight is a good source of Vitamin, you shouldn’t stop your children playing under the sun. You may have already applied sunscreen, but it doesn’t work well on babies. Thus, you should make sure you child wear sun hats to avoid direct sun exposure. Here are some reasons why using a hat is important:

  • Wearing a hat will keep your child free from dehydration by preventing heat loss. It is scientifically proven that child lose most of their body heat from the head. If their head is properly covered, they can avoid heat loss.
  • Sun cream is not recommended for kids of certain ages since they can cause mild infection. Almost every sun scream contains chemicals or their by-products which can harm your child’s soft skin.
  • Face and neck are the most common place to get skin cancer from the sun. And UV radiation from the sun is one of the most common causes of skin cancer. No matter how much sun screen you apply, the best way to keep your skin safe is by wearing a hat that covers these sensitive areas.
  • It’s a proven scientific fact that children’s skin is more susceptible to UV rays than older one. In fact, studies have discovered that young children who suffer from sunburn are more likely to develop skin cancer later in life.
Taking into consideration above factors, buying a sun hat is one of the most practical options when protecting your baby from dangerous UV rays. It’s easy to carry around and provides 100% UV protection. If you’re looking for the best sun hats for your child, you should visit Melondipity.com today!
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