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Toddler Sets

Make Your Toddler Look Fashionable with Hat and Pant Sets from Melondipity

We know you want your toddler to stand out and look cute. But before choosing clothes for your little you must always consider the fabric quality first, followed by its design and color. Parents who want to make their toddler look fashionable and also feel comfortable while wearing them, can explore the wide range of hat and pant sets for toddler boys and girls, being offered by Melondipity.

Hand-knitted, these sets are made of 100% Icelandic acrylic yarn which makes them super soft and light weight and also helps keep your baby warm. Embellished with over-sized flowers, these hats can also be teamed up with your child’s other outfits making them stand out from the crowd. Keeping in mind the delicate skin of children, only high quality products are used for manufacturing these. Besides toddlers, these hat and pant sets are also available for infants (0-6 months) and big kids (2-6 years).

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