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Exclusive collection of Flower Headbands and Crochet Baby Hats

Crochet baby hats and baby flower headbands are perfect adornments for your baby. These headwear accessories have their own unique charm and since they are available in the exclusive collection from Melondipity, you can buy them for your little boy or girl with ease. Whether for everyday errands or special occasions, make your baby look adorable at all times. Cuppy-Cake Baby Hat The cuppy-cake crochet baby hat from Melondipity is the perfect product for baby girls and is widely chosen by those who are fond of cupcakes. It has a pink crochet base made to look like a cupcake while the icing has dark pink splotches scattered throughout the hat. The topping of the hat is crochet with a cute, dark-pink strawberry. Sounds good enough to eat, right? Apart from looking super-cute, this crochet baby hat also promises exceptional comfort for your baby girl. Additionally, it is ideal as a gift for any baby girl if you are looking for something unique as this one will make her look one of a kind. Aloha Girl Baby Headband Out of the many options for baby flower headbands available at Melondipity, the Aloha girl baby headband best fits the description of a flower headband. It is suitable for little girls of all ages as it features a beautiful silk flower made from a stretchable yet soft knit fabric. The pink flower is towards the left temple of the girl while the white headband made from cotton runs across the head. The Aloha girl baby headband is the best gift for a little girl if you want to give a distinctive accessory as this headband would surely make her stand out. Lil' Guy Crochet Owl Baby Hat Out of the many crochet baby hats that Melondipity has to offer, not many can beat lil' guy crochet owl baby hat as far as cuteness is concerned. The material used in the hat is super-soft 100 percent cotton, making it as comfortable to wear as it is visually delightful. This baby beanie hat features two owl ears, two large owl eyes with black centers, and an adorable looking beak in yellow. This hat does not scratch your baby boy’s ears, keeps him cozy and is a great one for taking pictures. While some moms may want to use this hat only for special occasions or photo sessions, it is also cool headwear for daily wear. You can order any size - toddler, infant, baby or newborn.
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