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  • Keeping Cool in the Summer Sun with Adorable Headbands for Baby Girls

    Keeping Cool in the Summer Sun with Adorable Headbands for Baby Girls
    Here at Melondipity, we take pride in being a one-stop shop that allows you to personalize your baby hats and accessories for the perfect gift at an affordable price. With that in mind, we have the perfect newborn headband and blanket set for our bouncing bundles of joy! This adorable handmade set features a headband and customizable blanket, giving parents the opportunity to embroider...
  • A Personal Touch: Personalized Baby and Toddler Hats

    A Personal Touch: Personalized Baby and Toddler Hats
    When expecting, some parents spend months agonizing over their new baby’s name, while some anxiously wait to meet their new family member before deciding what they’ll be called. Either way, Melondipity’s personalized pieces highlight part of what makes each new arrival unique. These are our favorites from their personalized collection and we can’t wait to share them with you!
  • Perfect Gifts for New Parents

    Perfect Gifts for New Parents
    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the newest baby in your life, we’ve got you covered. Family-owned and operated, Melondipity has high-quality newborn sets in every style and we’ve got our five favorite outfit sets for newborns selected for the youngest cuties!
  • Adorably Elegant Baby Headbands for your Little One

    Melondipity Baby Headbands. As the head is the first part of the body that gets noticed, wearing an elegant baby headband can definitely make your little one stand out. If this is what you always wanted, check out some unique baby flower headbands that Melondipity.com has to offer. A few of these headbands are shown below, but when you visit the site, the series...
  • Cute Baby Beanies and Flower Headbands

    If you always wished for your little one to look distinctively stylish, checking out the baby beanies and baby flower headbands available from Melondipity would certainly be a delight. This is because the elegantly crafted headgear featured on the site is bound to make picking only one option a difficult decision. This is because every hat and headband from the store has its own...
  • Exclusive collection of Flower Headbands and Crochet Baby Hats

    Crochet baby hats and baby flower headbands are perfect adornments for your baby. These headwear accessories have their own unique charm and since they are available in the exclusive collection from Melondipity, you can buy them for your little boy or girl with ease. Whether for everyday errands or special occasions, make your baby look adorable at all times. Cuppy-Cake Baby Hat The cuppy-cake...
  • Three Adorable Baby Flower Headbands for Your Charming Princess

    Whenever we need to purchase an accessory for our baby, our biggest concern is to find the one that promises to make the little one look adorable and feel comfortable at the same time. Even though the market is flooded with incalculable items to suit different tastes, some hats and headbands are way too expensive while others fail to promise comfort and durability. This...
  • Pretty Infant Headbands: Perfect for any Occasion!

    Pretty little newborn girls need pretty little infant headbands to adorn their little heads. Whether she’s going out with mom, or simply posing for a picture, these infant headbands are your little one’s new best accessory. Celebrate the joy and privilege of being a girl with Melondipity’s fabulous infant headbands! Our little infant headbands have attracted nothing but all sorts of positive attention! Want...
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