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Exquisite Baby Sun Hats For Your Little Lady

Baby Sun Hats from Melondipity: If you want your little girl to soak up the sun this winter, it is extremely important for you to keep her head covered. While your little girl plays in the sun or sunbathes, the comfy sun hats for girls available at Melondipity.com would not only keep her cool, but also make her sport a splendid pretty look. Browse through our exclusive collection of sun hats and other hats and headbands to choose the ones that are most suitable for your little boy or girl. Each of our products are crafted to have a unique engaging charm; you might find it difficult to sort out only one as a must-have for your baby.

Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat Let your little lady sport a resplendent Snow White look in this Raspberry Truffles Baby SunHat. The oversized white rose has a creamy ring that lends a serene contrast to the radiant redness of the hat’s brim and top. The polka white dots offer just the right blend to this exquisite combination. As this hat is made from superfine material, your girl would never feel its weight and at the same time, this hat will help protect her from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This hat is available for babies aged 3 months and older.

Pretty Little Pinstripe Baby Sun Hat Pretty Little Pinstripe Baby Sun Hat The thin pink and white stripes of this unique baby sun hat have a lively look to them, making it ideal for stroll in the parks and other social outings. The smartly sewn oversized green bow of this hat is accentuated perfectly by the grosgrain ribbon ruffle accessory. This baby hat is reversible and on flipping, the other side has green and white stripes. You get two hats for the price of one. But most importantly, your girl would sport an elegant and smart look wearing the hat, from either of the sides.

Purple Princess Baby Sun Hat Purple Princess Baby Sun Hat If you live in a place where it is spring or summer nowadays, make your little girl look like a princess with this delight of a hat. This is a good one to protect your girl’s head even if you want her to be in the sun often during warmer months. It has a fabulous lavender hue with a smart crumpled appearance achieved through overstitching. The soft lavender purple flower perched towards the left of hat offers the ideal adornment to the hat.

Visit www.Melondipity.com to browse through a comprehensive range of baby sun hats, toddler headbands, baby beanies, crochet hats, and an extensive collection of other headwear.

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