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Gorgeous Baby Hats and Headbands for Your Little One

Which mom or dad would not like their baby to look special? It is true that their baby is already special to them; however, they always want others to feel the same. Baby hats and other accessories available from Melondipity never fail to give a cuddly and adorable look to your baby. Our products are appreciated all around the world, crossing the barriers of culture and language, and this makes us confident that our store has numerous products to satisfy your taste buds.

Have a look at three of our supremely elegant products for your baby: Passion Fruit Baby Beanie Hat Passion Fruit Baby Beanie Hat The lush appearance of this ultra-soft baby beanie hat is the ideal adornment for your radiant baby. The dazzling bright pink of the attached fuchsia rosette flower trim is a stupendous contrast to the mild light pink of the hat. The knit fabric at the lining is made from softer material than the rest of the hat to ensure cozy and comfy fit for long periods. If you think there is no sight more delightful than the pink of your baby’s cheeks when she smiles, wouldn’t you like her to wear something fitting?

Pink Baby Bird Crochet Newborn Hat for Girls Pink Baby Bird Crochet Newborn Hat for Girls If your little one looked like a cute little bird just after birth, dress her suitably. With this hand knitted newborn girl hat, you will surely relish the fond memory caused by her wearing this hat, especially in first photos. The finest yarn on Earth is used to make this product to help ensure a cozy fit. The delightful orange nose and navy button eyes are so impeccably placed that the engaging view of a sweet little bird is unmistakable. You can also get a boy version of this special birdy hat.

Princess and The Pearl Baby Headband Princess and The Pearl Baby Headband This is one of the serenely elegant baby flower headbands from our store. The smooth and mild nature of this headband will go very well with the innocence of your little one. The accessory includes an oversized pink rose, a ribbon attached to which is a string of pearls arranged in a splendid gift wrap style. Designed by the top headband stylist of America, this one is made from superfine material, which happens to be a common feature of all Melondipity products. Visit www.Melondipity.com to browse through many more remarkable baby hats and order the ones that suit your taste and budget.
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