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Infant Headbands Collection

Infant headbands are fun to collect and match with your little one’s wardrobes. Melondipity’s infant headbands make the most stylish, adorable, and fashion-forward accessories for babies. A lot of people are attracted to the prettiest designs only Melondipity creates. Check out some of our infant headbands that will surely generate smiles and all kind of positive attention to your precious little baby. For something that makes a statement yet speaks femininity, check out our Cotton Candy Flower Headband. This headbands’ whimsical touch of light cotton candy pink and white will surely fit any little princess. This infant headband has an ultra-soft and stretchy band that will fit snug on your baby’s head with comfort and ease. A lot of our clients are impressed by the way this headband looks on their little girl because of its well-made structure and design. “Perfect for spring or summer!” That’s what some of our clients are saying about this pretty little headband (with an oversized flower)! Crafted to look simply chic and beautiful, our Petite Geranium Headband is just right for your little baby’s small face. For those who don’t like huge flowers that may overwhelm your precious little ones’ head, this infant headband is created with a delicate touch. This pretty little infant headband comes in a variety of colors to collect and match with your little baby’s wardrobe. Colors available are Candy Pink, Raspberry, White, Lavender, Yellow, and Green. This infant headband is surely going to be just the right fit for infant’s head. Is your baby girl attending a birthday party? Or is it just another day out for a little stroll? Why don’t you make sure she gets the best-looking and the most fun headband out there? Try our Cupy Cake Headband on your little girl and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it as much as she does! This cute headband will bring out the little cupy cake that she is – literally! Your little girl is a true darling and what more perfect way to let her darling qualities shine through than by putting on this Yellow Darling Daisy infant headban. This bright-colored sunny headband will bring smiles and praises to your dearest little girl. It’s a simple and well-crafted yellow band with a yellow daisy accent to make a great accessory for everyday use. Our customers love this headband and we’re sure you will too! Time sure flies when you’re having fun with your baby and before you know it, it’s already her first birthday! This occasion is one of the most special celebrations for the family. Why not top it off with our Birthday Girl headband? This lovable felt cake headband is definitely going to be the talk of the town because of its outrageously brilliant design. This fun cake headband will give the best and cutest first birthday photos! We also have a Birthday Boy version of this headband that will surely look great on baby boys too. Visit our online store at Melondipity.com for more collections of baby hats, sun hats, accessories, and infant headbands for your baby!
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