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Organic Crochet Baby Hats from Melondipity

Melondipity’s line of organic crochet baby hats are made with ultra-soft organic cotton that is ideal for infants, babies, and toddlers. When buying a crochet baby hat made of organic cotton, you know for sure that you helped lessen the chemical and toxic impact that conventional textile manufacturing does to the environment. Organic cotton is safe and ideal for those who are allergic to certain fabrics that are laden with chemical dyes and treatments used in most fabrics. Nowadays, we are encouraged to join the “eco-friendly” and “going green” bandwagon, but for many people, they only go about without really understanding what it takes to really produce eco-friendly or green products, especially for fabrics that we use day in and day out. What’s different about organic cotton? Melondipity uses organic cotton for the line of organic crochet baby hats to make sure that the crochet baby hat that you will use for your infant, baby, or toddler is not packed with chemical dyes which makes it toxic, one way or another. Organic cotton, when made into a fabric or thread is very soft, durable, and is prepared in the best possible, natural way. The preparation done to organic cotton is so different from the conventional cotton preparation done for commercial use. According to The Organic Cotton Organization, the cotton seeds used for organic cotton production are UNTREATED – which means that cotton is free from fungicides and pesticides, and that genetically modified seeds or GMO is never used. Organic cotton is also free from synthetic fertilizers and herbicides that are known to kill weeds that grow in other parts of the cotton fields. Organic cotton is harvested through physical removal instead of chemical destruction. Organic cotton is also free from insecticides, pesticides, and aerial sprays that are all harmful to farmers’ and other wildlife’s health. Conventional cotton plants are defoliated with toxic chemicals while organic cotton is defoliated through natural water management and natural seasonal freeze. Melondipity believes that our organic cotton farmers in the US must be supported by using organic cotton in crochet baby hats because organic cotton farmers help save the environment by preserving air, water, soil, and the biodiversity of the planet through the methods of farming that they use. This is the reason why Melondipity created the organic crochet baby hat collection. All of the organic crochet baby hats are made with 100% pure, soft, and natural organic cotton. Here’s our list of the Organic Crochet Baby Hat Collection: For little boys, we have the Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Ears (Tan) and Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Ears (Brown). Both come in neutral shades that will fit with almost any of his outfits. These hats are perfect in combating the cold weather; keeping your baby comfortable and warm. For little girls, we have pretty colors to suit your little one’s outfits, they are the Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Fowers (Pink and Green), Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Flower (Purple), Organic Crochet Baby Bear Pink, Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Flower (White), and Organic Crochet Baby Bear with Flowers (Oatmeal). Sizes available are for new-borns 0-3 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. These crochet baby hats have ear flops and are all comfortable, safe, and fantastic for young eco warriors!
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