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Melondipity’s Most Unique Hats for Baby Boys

Beyond our stellar customer service, our speedy delivery, and our high-quality craftsmanship, Melondipity is best known for their outstanding collection of unique accessories. We’ve compiled our best kept secrets and brought together all of our most eclectic hats that will help the newest baby boy in your life stand a head above the rest from the very beginning!

Baby Boy Beanie Cute


Almost every little boy goes through a dinosaur phase and this dinosaur hat is a sure-fire way to fuel your little guy’s dino-enthusiasm, even before they get to watch The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park! Made entirely from high-quality, organic, bamboo yarn, this piece is handcrafted with love and is available with matching mittens. Your little one will love roaring around the playground in his stylish hat and this creative cap will certainly help stoke his imagination.

Frog Beanie


Feeling froggy? Handmade in the United States, this crocheted frog prince cap is a fan favorite. Intricately crafted with 100% milk cotton, the milk protein blended into the yarn creates an incredibly soft feel, ensuring that your baby boy is coddled and cozy in his fancy new cap. This plush green and yellow hat is available for newborns, babies ages 0 to 6 months, and babies ages 6 to 12 months.


Argh, matey! This owl pirate hat is easily one of Melondipity’s most detailed pieces and is one of the most elaborately designed items in our collection. Handcrafted and crocheted with tan, brown, white, blue, red, black and orange yarn, this 100% cotton cap includes ear flaps for extra warmth, proving that it was designed for both maximum cuteness and optimal comfort. This owl hat features a faux polka dot bandana and a black eye patch, coming together to create an authentic pirate aesthetic that is perfect for any renegade’s first photoshoot! Available for newborns, infants, and toddlers, this cap could be an unimaginably unique gift for any new baby boy in your family!

Bunny Beanie


Your baby boy will already be the cutest new bundle in the hospital nursery but this adorable puppy dog cap will surely have everyone wagging their tail upon his arrival. This cap quickly became a Melondipity favorite because what’s cuter than babies and puppies?  Made in the USA, this handcrafted hat is made with double ply hospital grade fabric and a rounded top design, ensuring extra warmth and coziness, especially during those first few nights. With an irresistible sleepy puppy face embroidered into the front of the cap, this is a must-have for a new mom’s hospital go bag.

Name Beanie Newborn


Last, but certainly not least, this quirky nametag cap helps your little man make a statement, even in his first few days! Crafted from 100% authentic hospital grade material, this white delivery cap featuring a classic blue name tag patch will be embroidered with your baby’s name and this personalization will help make your baby’s introduction to the world anything but awkward. Get ready to welcome your new best friend into the world in style and give this cap as a gift to any expectant parents looking for an American made accessory to include in their newborn’s photoshoot.

To explore the entire Melondipity catalog and find the perfect piece for the newest baby in your life, visit the Melondipity site for an exhaustive list of their one-of-a-kind accessories that have all been crafted with care.


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