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Your Most Precious Gifts: Hats for Miracle and Rainbow Babies

Even under the most traditional circumstances, parenting is no easy feat and being a parent blessed with a miracle or rainbow baby makes any parenting experience even more emotional. Melondipity recognizes the journey that many new parents go on when they’re welcoming their little ones into the world. We celebrate miracle babies and rainbow babies, in fact, we’ve got an entire line devoted to these courageous babes and the parents that have held their tiny hands along the way.

Rainbow Baby Beanie


Having the opportunity to welcome a rainbow baby into the world is an unparalleled experience that comes with a wave of unbridled emotions. This unique rainbow baby newborn cap acknowledges just how incredibly special rainbow babies are with a colorful patch placed at the forefront. Made of authentic hospital grade fabric, this hat is handmade in the United States and crafted with a double ply design to ensure optimal comfort for your new bundle of joy. Sized only for newborns, this piece is available as pictured in the gender neutral white but also comes in blue and pink. This cap is ideal for hospital photos and can help excited rainbow parents announce the arrival of their new baby!

Colorful Newborn Beanie


If you’re looking for a more subtle way to celebrate your rainbow baby, Melondipity’s rainbow pom cap is a perfect fit.  Handcrafted in the USA, this piece is made two-ply to provide extra warmth and extra comfort for your new baby. Made from authentic hospital grade material, this hat comes complete with a rainbow pom-pom at the top of the cap and quietly acknowledges just how special your new rainbow baby is. If you’d like to add the rainbow patch featured on our last cap, check out our rainbow pom-pom cap with the rainbow patch for the best of both worlds!

Miracle Baby Hat


For the babies who have brought hope and happiness after the storm, we’ve got caps to help celebrate your newest arrival. This miracle baby hat is pure white and gender neutral, featuring a handmade rainbow pom-pom on top and a beautifully crafted miracle patch on the front with stitched rainbow lettering.  Handcrafted in the United States, this piece is designed with double ply hospital grade fabric to ensure maximum coziness and safety for your baby. Available exclusively for newborns, this cap is sure to make your miracle baby feel welcomed into the world. 

Matching boy and girl beanie


Made especially for baby girls or baby boys, these Melondipity miracle caps are gender specific and handmade in America for your newest family member. Crafted from two ply, authentic hospital grade material, these pom-pom hats come with a stitched patch on front to declare how much of a miracle your baby is to you.

Every baby is incredibly precious but Melondipity recognizes the unique journey it takes to become the parent of a rainbow or miracle baby. We celebrate the parents that have survived the storms and we honor your newest little ones with this special collection. To stay current on all of our product offerings, and for updates about new releases or flash sales, we invite you to follow us on social media.

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