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Sweet Baby Of Mine

We will be welcoming our second little girl into the world March 2nd 2012! Of course as the owner of Melondipity I am already thinking about her “welcome to the world hat”. For our first daughter Mia (before we owned Melondipity) I had a hat and outfit ready for her homecoming photos, but didn’t have a hat for her very first photos. I look at her first photos and wish I had a thought of this beforehand, but it never even occurred to me. Maybe because it was my first baby and I was so nervous about the labor details the last thing I was thinking about was her fashion. Ha ha! For our second little girl I am going to ask the baby catcher to put this hat on her http://www.melondipity.com/collections/baby-hats/products/harper for her very first photos instead of the generic one they have at the hospital. This sweet baby newborn hat is almost like the ones at the hospital but SO MUCH CUTER with the little bow detail. This hat is perfect for welcoming any little princess into the world. I LOVE it and can’t wait to see our little girl for the first time in this hat! Only 3.5 months to go……..
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