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Top 5 Baby Hat Trends For 2021

Every parent knows that a few good baby hats are essential for keeping your child happy, healthy, and safe. Babies, newborns, and toddlers all wear hats for a few reasons, but the main factor is that babies have big heads. Compared to their bodies, a baby’s head is 21% of their body on average, while a baby can lose heat from anywhere in their body, the head is very sensitive and is most often uncovered when compared to the feet and torso.  All that being said, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun dressing up your little one in cute and stylish hats! 

1. Personalized Baby Hats

Custom Baby Hat

Great for twins, standing out in the hospital, day care, and even at the park, a personalized baby hat is both practical and fun! Plus, it’s a great way to make sure everyone knows the little one’s name on this year’s Holiday cards. Custom baby hats help everyone learn the name of your family’s newest addition and can come in handy years down the line when differentiating the baby pictures of siblings, cousins, triplets and twins.



 2. Gender Neutral Baby Hats

Non Gendered Baby Hat

No one can know the full personality of a child when they’re newborns. We get inklings, understandings of the pieces that will be a full adult all too soon, but sometimes pink is for boys and green is for girls.  And that’s where super cute gender neutral baby hats come in! No matter where our culture goes or who our babies grow up to be, we always want to look back at the pictures of this time with nothing but happiness and love. Gender neutral baby hats help your little one be themselves, even when they’re not so little anymore.


3. Crocheted Baby Hats

Crocheted Baby Hat

Crocheted baby hats can be softer and more flexible than regular cotton or synthetic fabrics. With that happy home-made feel and a comfy fit, these hats just had to make our list. Especially helpful for babies who get warm but not hot enough to simply not wear a hat, crocheted hats breathe and stretch to help fit your baby’s head without any added pressure or too much heat. Keep your little one comfortable, healthy, and full of style.



4. Animal Baby Hats

Animal Baby HatLet’s be honest here, these are just too freaking cute to leave off the baby style list! An adorable addition to any outfit, picture, or day out, animal themed baby hats are a fun and delightful way to dress up your newborn. Additionally, animal baby hats never go out of style. Emerging as a baby fashion trend back in the 1940s, the practice of dressing a baby in clothes that are themed as other animals has always been and will continue to be charming.



5. Baby Sun Hats

Baby Sun HatAnother important piece for your baby’s health, the baby sunhat is a precious article of clothing that every baby should have. In babies and adults alike, the suns rays can do a lot of damage to skin and even brain function. Keeping that head covered to shelter your baby’s skin, eyes, and brain from UV rays and overheating is an all-important factor for their growth and development, but it can also be a fun addition to your little one’s outfits and baby photos!




 The Facts

The facts are that babies are adorable… and that their hats are both important for their health and a great opportunity to take any outfit to a whole new level of cute. Baby sun hats, animal hats for babies, crocheted baby hats, gender neutral baby hats, and personalized hats for babies are each fantastic additions to your baby’s closet for their own reasons both style- and health-wise.  At Melondipity we provide an array of choices in each of these categories and more, take a look today!
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