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  • The Best Hats for Baby Boys

    The Best Hats for Baby Boys
    Dapper, dashing, and downright adorable, we’ve compiled a collection of the best caps for young gentlemen. Offering a refined look, these hats are ideal for any little boy putting his best foot forward in the world. Made especially for little gentlemen, these carefully curated Melondipity caps have been lovingly selected for the little guys looking to steal the show!
  • Show off that Perfect Baby Name with a Personalized Baby Hat

    Show off that Perfect Baby Name with a Personalized Baby Hat
    As soon as a new baby comes rushing into the world, they’re given a name and as such, given an identity. We believe it's so important to celebrate your little one's individuality and that their name is something to get loud about. As they say, there is a hat for every head. We’ve done it before but our collection is so grand that we...
  • Sun Hats for Summer Babies

    Sun Hats for Summer Babies
    It's summertime and living is easy! Fun in the sun shouldn’t be stressful and with Melondipity’s wide range of sun hats your little one can be protected from UV rays all day long. We’ve gathered our favorite summer hats to share with you so that you can keep your baby happy, and fashionable, all season long. First up is a Melondipity fan favorite! Our...
  • What to Look for When Selecting Baby Clothes

    What to Look for When Selecting Baby Clothes
    It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to shop for your new baby as a new parent or as a new parent’s best friend! Melondipity uses high-quality materials to create beautiful pieces for any occasion. With options for newborns, babies, and toddler’s, we’ve got products that are guaranteed to fit any style!
  • How to Dress a Baby In Every Season

    How to Dress a Baby In Every Season
    There is no one outfit that will always be right for your baby. Depending on the weather, temperature, and activity at hand there are thousands of ‘right’ combinations for your beautiful child. Temperature moderation is a huge concern for keeping babies happy, healthy, and comfortable and the right clothes can make all the difference. Here’s what your baby should be wearing in different kinds...
  • Top 5 Baby Hat Trends For 2021

    Top 5 Baby Hat Trends For 2021
    Every parent knows that a few good baby hats are essential for keeping your child happy, healthy, and safe. Babies, newborns, and toddlers all wear hats for a few reasons, but the main factor is that babies have big heads. Compared to their bodies, a baby’s head is 21% of their body on average, while a baby can lose heat from anywhere in their...
  • Sun Hats for Toddler Boys [Toddler Sun Hats]

    If you’re looking for the perfect toddler sun hats for your little one, you need to look no further. Melondipity has a great range of sun hats that will ensure fun, fit, and protection for your little toddler. Spring and summer is when it’s fun to go out and bask in the glorious sun, however, your toddlers still have very delicate skin and eyes...
  • Baby Sun Hats: Best Protection for Babies against the Sun

    Baby sun hats are very effective in protecting your child from the harsh rays of the sun. Babies are so fragile that they are no match to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Unlike adult skin that can tolerate and metabolize the chemicals found in conventional topical sunscreen, a baby’s skin cannot do the same. Doctors recommend that while very young, it’s still best to avoid...
  • Protect Your Baby from the Sun with Baby Sun Hats

    Baby hats are not only cute but functional as well. Infant skin is more prone to sun damage, thus protecting them with clothing that covers them up pretty well is the best way to protect their skin against skin damage. You may wonder why accessories like baby hats are such a necessity nowadays. This article aims to enlighten you as to why. Dangers of...
  • Baby Sun Hats-New and Fabulous!

    Spring is right around the corner! Isn't it? :) Well maybe we have a few more months, but now is the time to start thinking about baby sun hats for your little one! We have already started getting in some fabulous spring/summer baby sun hats and wanted to share! Here is a sneak peek of some of our new baby sun hats! Fancy Flowers...
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