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What to Look for When Selecting Baby Clothes

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to shop for your new baby as a new parent or as a new parent’s best friend! With so many fabric options and so many items available, it’s hard to determine what is best for your baby, but we can help. We won’t provide the standard nutritional or educational advice, instead, we’ll stick with what we know best: clothing! For parents curious about what determines quality in children’s clothing, we’ve got the answers.

Adorably Newborn Beanie


The primary concern of every parent is the safety of their child. Ensuring that the clothing you purchase is safe for your baby is paramount and children’s clothing company Melondipity fits the bill. All of our pieces, like this adorable marigold hospital hat, are handmade in the United States and as such, the materials used in our clothing is kept to a higher standard than clothing made elsewhere. The regulations placed on American-made products often equates to higher quality products as well, and your baby deserves the best! On top of the great safety standards and production quality, buying items made in the USA better for the environment and your local community.

Animal Baby Hat

We’re constantly seeing the word organic throughout the grocery store, but clothing can be organic as well! Many of Melondipity’s pieces, like this baby bear hat, are made from 100% organic cotton – but what does that mean? Organic cotton is often softer than regular cotton, meaning your baby is more comfortable while wearing organic cotton clothing than when wearing clothing made from other materials. Organic cotton producers are also more regulated, using none of those harmful chemicals and pesticides. To obtain an organic certification, producers must guarantee that no herbicides are used in their manufacturing processes. This means that clothing items made with organic cotton to help your baby avoid being exposed to skin irritants. Definitely a parenting win!

Cute Newborn Hat

Another way to determine the quality of the materials in your clothing is to check their Global Organic Textile Standard certification. In an effort to create a world-wide standard that organic textiles could be evaluated by, the GOTS system is a set of requirements that need to be met in order for textiles to be deemed organic. The GOTS system evaluates the way that the raw materials are harvested, as well as how environmentally and socially responsible the producers are. Melondipity uses GOTS certified products whenever possible, like in this receiving cap, and does so fashionably!

When looking into children’s clothing, quality matters and Melondipity uses high-quality materials to create beautiful pieces for any occasion. With options for newborns, babies, and toddler’s, we’ve got products that are guaranteed to fit any style!
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